Balutextil cycle is based on the development of samples, cutting, production, finishing and the rigorous quality control. All phases are controlled by experienced employees, with the most advanced technologies in the textile area.

The investments in new technology are continuous and coherent with our methodology. for that reason our workmanship allows us to improve the quality of productions and at the same time reduce the lead time.

The tight quality control is a very important factor in the company policy. Quality tests are done when receiving fabrics, during the manufacturing process and before shipping. Lab tests are also required to all partners, in order to test the quality of all raw materials.

The outsourcing of some of the production cycle processes, namely stamping, embroideries and laundry services, is also analyzed under a strict quality control. Balutextil has experienced quality controllers who follow all subcontracted processes.Process

The keystone of the company’s production process is the commercial sector. This sector distinguishes itself by its great technical knowledge, which allows an excellent communication with the client and the consequent connection with several departments of the factory, helping the management of the processes and fastening the replies. The commercial sector follows all phases of the production process, from the conception of the sample until the delivery of the final product.